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security education

Onward offers a full range of Security Education Training.


Executive Training

During a cyber attack, business executives bear the responsibility to lead and make the right decisions for their company and customers. It is critical to the financial well-being and the reputation of your organization that executives know how to prepare for cyber threats as well as how to respond in order to mitigate risks.

The goal of Onward’s Executive Cybersecurity Training is to improve your company’s preparation and response to all levels of cyber threats. Our cybersecurity experts focus on the cyber threats and concerns unique to senior management, executives, and other board members. The best prepared organizations have executives and board members who are up to date on the current cybersecurity landscape.

Best of all, we can customize the executive training to fit your schedule from a one-time full day briefing to a quarterly team update.


Security Awareness

Onward’s Security Awareness Training for your staff is comprehensive, effective and virtually effortless to implement. Our training programs are proven to educate your employees on how to identify all types of security threats and how to minimize incident risks. Organizations benefit year after year by maintaining security awareness training. For convenience and ease, this training is available on-site or through online course modules.


Disaster Recovery Plan Testing

Onward Technologies has deep expertise in all phases of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Our methodology focuses on developing response and recovery strategies and documenting procedures to ensure the correct sequence of restoration for critical systems.


Cyber Attack Scenario Simulation

Is your organization under attack? Does your organization know how to properly respond to a cyber attack? If your incident response plan has never been put through its paces, how do you know it really works?

Our cybersecurity experts have developed proven methodologies to fully simulate and test all the facets of your organizational security controls.


Managed Phishing Campaigns

It is important for organizations to test their staff's cybersecurity awareness on a regular basis. Like all other skills, identifying malicious emails is one that takes practice. Managed Phishing Campaigns allow organizations to test their staff’s cybersecurity awareness and identify users who may need additional training. Onward Technologies has vast experience providing best practices when managing our clients' phishing campaigns. Over the years, our clients have benefited from reductions in endpoint compromise and data breach through our easy to implement Managed Phishing Campaigns.

Learn how the right Security Services partner can help transform your business.

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