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Every client has unique technology requirements and concerns. Onward’s Managed IT assessments help us understand what is necessary to prepare your business for the future.

Cybersecurity Assessments

In order to identify potential vulnerabilities in an organization’s systems, applications, and processes, cybersecurity assessments are conducted to evaluate their security posture. The goal is to identify, prevent, and mitigate security risks that may lead to cyber attacks. Onward’s assessments process involves analyzing security controls, testing for weaknesses, and providing recommendations to improve overall security.

Managed Services Assessments

Managed services assessments involve evaluating and analyzing the effectiveness of an organization’s managed services provider (MSP). Onward’s assessments aim to identify any gaps in the MSP’s services, improve their performance, and ensure that the MSP is delivering value to the organization. They typically include a review of the MSP’s processes, technology, and people, as well as an assessment of their ability to meet the organization’s specific needs and objectives.

Managed IT Assessment

A Managed IT Assessment is a process of evaluating an organization’s IT infrastructure and security to identify vulnerabilities, potential risks, and areas for improvement. Onward uses various tools and techniques to gather data and insights about your organization’s IT environment. The assessment findings are then used to create a roadmap for improving your organization’s IT operations and security posture.

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