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Penetration Testing

Companies like yours often have compliance requirements mandating annual penetration testing. Onward has vast experience in providing penetration testing services to clients to identify and improve security defenses. While maintaining a vulnerability management program is important, it is critical to test security defenses. Penetration testing is the most thorough way to test your cybersecurity defenses.


Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerabilities are the open doors to your network, waiting to let hackers in. Unpatched vulnerabilities can allow a remote attacker to exploit a loophole in your organization’s security. It is important for organizations to identify and remediate vulnerabilities as part of a well-balanced cybersecurity management program. The Onward security experts provide both internal and external vulnerability scanning to identify and resolve weakness in your security defenses.

Cybersecurity Policy Planning

It is important that your company implement and maintain a policy for information security. This should clearly communicate the organization’s beliefs, goals and objectives for securing information and systems. Onward has deep experience to guide organizations through Cybersecurity Policy creation to create a framework of best practices, identify expected behaviors of staff, personnel and vendors, identify roles and responsibilities, document guidelines for incidents and data losses, and ensure compliance with client or regulatory requirements.

      Post-Breach Incident Response

      When your organization is breached, most likely, you do not have the resources or expertise needed to properly respond. Often, the effects of a breach are devastating – impacting both you and your customers. Having a team of trained incident response expertise can help prevent a cyber incident from becoming a complete disaster. Onward Technologies has extensive experience in responding to incident response cases such as Ransomware and many other malware attacks. Our team works 24/7 to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible after a breach.

      Disaster Recovery Planning and Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

      Onward provides deep expertise in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning. Our extensive knowledge and best practices empower your organization to develop a well-crafted Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategy. We work with you to analyze the business impact and create a blueprint for survival. Also, we have extensive experience with providing clients cyber risk assessments to improve cybersecurity defenses. Unless your organization audits security controls, you will not know if your strategy is working, until it is too late.

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