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Disaster Recovery

Onward Technologies has experience with many Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery solutions providers. In this article, Technical Account Manager Ross Wasserstrom explores some of the features of one of those providers, StorageCraft, and how we have used their products and services to meet our clients’ needs in Legal and Accounting firms.
This article is for managers with limited IT knowledge, and focuses on the non-technical aspects of StorageCraft’s solutions.

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What Business Managers Should Know About Their IT Environment

Many small firms have managers with non-IT backgrounds who are responsible for their IT department, particularly firms using a Managed Service Provider (MSP) rather in-house IT staff. How much should these non-technical managers know about IT? How much should they delegate? We discuss from our experience, and some issues with other MSPs we’ve run into.

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Why we love Security Awareness Training solutions

Many vendors now offer Security Awareness Training (SAT) as add-ons to their existing security or training products. We love the concept but have seen some terrible implementations. SAT has several components which need to work together seamlessly to be effective. Most importantly, your SAT solution must provide actionable information about your user-based risks, and how to remediate them.

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