Managed Security Services Plans

Creating a resilient, agile, and scalable cybersecurity strategy is essential to running a business.

While each client’s environment is unique, we address 3 common goals:


Provide end-to-end protection for data and infrastructure


Safeguard proprietary information and business reputations


Save unplanned IT expenditures for ransomware and lawsuits

If you need a security partner who can provide security consulting, manage your complete security framework, or simply provide rapid-response to breaches and incidents – look no further than Onward Technologies.

Our security team has decades of experience and has helped dozens of companies of all sizes prevent, detect, respond, and predict cyberattacks with our complete portfolio of machine learning, artificial intelligence-driven services.

Our powerful combination of people, processes and technology bring you the highest levels of cybersecurity without the burden of building, hiring staff and maintaining it yourself.


The right MSSP can transform your business. Sign-up today for a more secure tomorrow.


  • OnwardSIEM
    Security Information and Event Management platform
  • AutoWatch
    Managed Endpoint Detection & Response that reports alerts and security events to OnwardSIEM.
  • OnwardWatch
    Managed Detection & Response for monitoring your organizations critical infrastructure and cloud services for signs breach.
  • OnwardWatch Hosted Sandbox (up to 250 files per month)
    Safely test documents, pdf’s, URL’s and more for malicious threats.
  • OnwardUSB
    Addon module for AutoWatch that monitors USB usage on your endpoints.
  • OnwardIntel
    Cyber Threat Intelligence platform containing Indicators of Compromise, Tactics Techniques and Procedues, known malicious domains, and more.
  • OnwardPrevent NGAV (nextgen antivirus)
    Addon module for AutoWatch that provides Next-Gen Anti-Virus service.
  • 24/7 Threat Hunting
    OnwardWatch team of trained Cyber Security Analysts proactively search for cyber threats and signs of breach that may be lurking on your network.
  • OnwardWatch Reports
    Generate reports from your OnwardSIEM for Vulnerabilities, compliance, and historical trends.
  • OnwardWatch Onboarding
    White-glove onboarding into the Security Operations Center platform.
  • Quarterly Security Briefings & Recommendations
  • Vulnerability Risk Management
    Monitor systems for vulnerabilities identified by OnwardVulnerability, alert IT leader(s), and patch vulnerabilities where applicable.
  • OnwardWatch Analyst Support
    OnwardWatch team of Cybersecurity Analysts is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to actively monitor and respond to cyber threats that your organization may face.
  • OnwardWatch Incident Response
    OnwardWatch’s team of trained analysts identify and respond to security incidents, following identified Incident Response Plan, alerting and remediating threats as they are found.
  • Email Alerts
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Penetration Testing

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