Your Partner for Comprehensive IT and Security

Today’s network-connected manufacturers face a challenging landscape. While connectivity has ushered a wave of productivity and scalability, you are challenged with security threats to both client and staff data. You have to watch everything from phishing emails to client-driven security requirements like SOC 2 and NIST800-171 and keep systems running reliably.

Onward has worked with manufacturers in many industries to develop solutions for production facilities, intermodal transportation, plant security, and administrative functions. We work with SCADA, industrial control systems, remote monitoring systems, and other challenging environments to provide reliable communication for production and safety equipment. Whether you need ubiquitous WiFi in a factory or a secure network in corporate headquarters, we have experts to plan and complete the project.

Our engineers and consultants help manufacturers understand what is necessary to keep their businesses up and running securely and optimally.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery - We know that in manufacturing, you cannot afford any downtime. To ensure your systems are always on and productive, we provide a range of services from incidence response, to proactive network monitoring, worry-free business continuity, and rapid incident response disaster recovery. With our wide-area networking expertise, our engineers can ensure your campus environment or multiple geo-locations have consistent and high-level support with zero downtime. Document Management - Successful document management systems provide manufacturers free-flowing, collaborative outlets to manage all the information that is important if you want to add fluidity to your database. Onward’s document management solutions help you smartly organize and manage your files electronically so you can move your business forward. Our DMS help you:
  • Catalog and manage your organization’s essential files
  • Boost productivity by simplifying reporting
  • Keep your firm green
Staff Augmentation - Our IT staffing services are comprised of industry-certified software engineers who are available for every type of project - no matter how simple or complex: from prototyping to full-scale development of desktop, mobile or web applications, testing and systems management. Onward  provides the speed, professional acumen, and flexibility your team needs to scale quickly and complete development on time. Application Management - We work with your business-critical application vendors so you can focus on what you do best. Through our on-site or remote training, we help you get efficient use of your applications.

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