Security Operations Center

24/7 dedicated support when you need it the most.

Let’s face it, today’s cyber threats are growing in number and complexity. Onward’s security engineers monitor and detect a staggering 30+ million possible attacks for our clients each month. 

While it’s critical to prevent and detect system-ending threat events, you and your team are also focused on running your business. Onward’s cyber security consultants and engineers work as part of your team and can assist with everything from a single component of your security operations, to helping plan, build, and maintain your end-to-end security operations center.

      Our Approach

      We believe that a comprehensive enterprise security solution requires a team of dedicated cybersecurity analysts with the most advanced tools available working 24×7 to monitor, analyze and respond to threats as they occur.

      Onward's Security Operations Center (SOC)

      The solutions within the framework of our SOC include services for your network, data endpoints, vulnerability management, monitoring and analysis. Our team, working in collaboration with yours, fortifies and expands your cybersecurity protection and support 24/7 to bring you piece of mind and a real competitive advantage.
      • Managed Endpoint Detection and Response allows you to scale your Cybersecurity defenses easily across your organization. Traditional Anti-Viruses are not designed to provide full reporting and analytics and fill organizations with a false sense of security.
      • AutoWatch is Onward’s Managed EDR solution, feeding your SIEM with log and event data in real time, while also providing Next-Gen (NGAV) capabilities, endpoint vulnerability monitoring, and security compliance monitoring.
      • AutoWatch combines AI, Machine Learning, Analytics, Threat Intelligence and Automation to monitor your endpoints for security anomalies at machine speed 24/7, 365 days a year.
      • Take threat-hunting to the next level with MDR through our OnwardWatch service. OnwardWatch provides you with our trained cybersecurity experts who monitor for intrusion detection of malware and malicious activity in your network. Acting as your security team, we assist in incident response to eliminate identified threats.
      • OnwardWatch enables 24/7 human interaction, investigation and remediation of security events across endpoints and services, enabling true continuous monitoring of your environment.
      • This powerful MDR solution combines humans, AI, Machine Learning and other cutting-edge tools and aligns our deep expertise with your cybersecurity requirements. With OnwardWatch, you significantly minimize potential impact of malicious threat actors.
      • Onward creates intelligent, pattern-based monitoring for User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) by leveraging data collected from AutoWatch and processed through our Security Event and Information Management (SIEM) platform.
      • This robust, pattern-based monitoring solution combines AI and Machine Learning algorithms with your organizational policy and baselines. By monitoring end-user and entity behavior analytics, you gain understanding of healthy usage and access patterns for real time alerting of anomalous or suspicious events.
      • With UEBA as part of your cybersecurity defenses, your organization can “know the unknowns” and gain visibility into potential threats like Brute-Force attacks, compromised user accounts, and data breaches minimizing detection and response times.
      • Onward’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform analyzes log and event data collected by AutoWatch in real time across endpoints, servers, IoT devices, “smart” network equipment, and cloud services for security compliance, threat monitoring, event correlation, investigation, and incident response.
      • Our SIEM provides visibility across all devices in real-time for internal security information, such as failed or successful login attempts, vulnerabilities, NIST 800-53, HIPAA, or PCI-DSS compliance and other critical security information.
      • By combining File Integrity Monitoring with our SIEM, organizations are now able to correlate changes in endpoints that could lead to data leakage or breach, triggering an alarm to notify security personnel and stakeholders of a potential breach. Early detection and warning allows for the right decisions to be made to minimize or mitigate the potential impact that could occur from an incident.
      • Onward augments organizations with a Managed Threat Intelligence platform that provides contextual information about attackers, attack methods, attack motivation and what indicators of compromise to look for in systems.
      • You benefit from a comprehensive platform that centralizes all cyber threat intelligence, allowing your other security defenses like Managed EDR, MDR and SIEM to make informed decisions. Armed with this information, you can identify indicators of compromise in entities and events such as malware campaigns, malware signatures, and TTP’s (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures).
      • Our Managed Threat Intelligence Platform is constantly improving from information gathered from our Hosted Sandboxes as well as other insightful information from platforms such as honeypots, threat intelligence feeds, and OnwardWatch incident response and malware analysis.
      • Onward’s Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) combines the powers of MDR (OnwardWatch), Managed EDR (AutoWatch), UEBA patterns and Managed Threat Intelligence into a robust incident response and remediation platform that operates at machine speed.
      • Our SOAR platform is designed to seamlessly integrate your existing systems with all of the security tools in our Security Operations Center creating a powerful, unified cybersecurity solution to defend your organization from cyber-attacks.
      • Contact us today to talk with one of our Cybersecurity experts and see how Onward’s SOAR solution enables you to streamline your organizations cybersecurity operations.

      Transform Your Cybersecurity Posture.

      While each client’s environment is unique, we address 3 common goals:

      • Provide end-to-end protection for data and infrastructure
      • Safeguard proprietary information and business reputations
      • Save unplanned IT expenditures for ransomware and lawsuits

      Our powerful combination of people, processes and technology bring you the highest levels of cybersecurity.

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