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Businesses today can be critically hurt by downtime due to technology failures, cyber/hacking events, ransomware, fire, and other natural disasters. While technology makes you competitive and improves the customer experience, its complexity also increases vulnerability.

Your organization must develop a comprehensive business continuity strategy so you can mitigate risks and remain resilient. Our strategic Business Continuity plans and industry-leading solutions immediately and securely continue business operations in the face of a disaster.

Our cyber strategists combine best practices, industry-leading solutions, and experience to help craft and implement a successful Business Continuity (BC) plan. Additionally, our comprehensive BC plans extend into other areas such as business leadership succession or Disaster Recovery plans. We work with the best technological solutions for your business, users, and applications.

Whether your business is in logistics, manufacturing, legal, non-profit or financial services, for a successful Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategy, you need to:

  • Back up and recover any application, data, or server
  • Provide on-premise and cloud backup options
  • Have flexible backup options to meet your Recovery Point Objective *
  • Retain Rapid Failover in a disaster to meet Recovery Time Objective *
  • Run frequent tests of backup systems
  • Protect against ransomware and other cyber threats by encrypting backup files and securing backup locations

* Recovery Time Objective - As you think about recovering your business-critical data, you must answer the question - how long can we afford to be down? There can be various answers for different plan scenarios.  While this can be difficult to think about abstractly, Onward’s cyber strategists have years of experience and real-world disaster recovery expertise to help guide you to answers for your specific environment.

* Recovery Point Objective - When you make a disaster recovery plan, you’ll have to decide how much data you’ll be willing to lose. This is where planning in advance when you’re not under an extremely stressful disastrous situation can benefit your organization. Our DR strategists can help your team determine different recovery points for various scenarios. For some organizations, every transaction must be backed up and available no matter what, for others, it may be acceptable to lose a few hours of work in a disaster. Your solution cost, maintenance, and expertise needed can vary based on your Recovery Point Objective, so working with our experts to determine the correct solution is essential.


  • A strategic view of all possible business scenarios. The Onward BC team covers a complete breadth of subjects and concerns beyond IT and information systems. We work directly with business leaders to determine exactly how the ideal BC plan will work under any scenario 
  • A strategic view of all IT assets.  A good BC plan provides extensible guidance for almost any scenario. Iyour employee laptops are critical components of your everyday businessthen they should be a central component of your BC plan. Does everyone bring them home every day? Did you remember this when you ordered all new computers 5 years later and they weren’t laptops? Is anyone updating the BC plan regularly? Onward has the expertise and experience to help you plan for any outcome. 
  • A plan much broader than IT. We create a plan that prioritizes assets and can include items like passwords, phone tree, non-technical contact methods, in case email is down 
  • Certified, experienced experts added to your team. Onward works diligently to maintain industry-leading expertise. From vendor-specific training to industry-recognized certifications, the Onward BC team will ensure your BC plan includes the best solutions and configuration available.  

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