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Effortlessly Develop, Implement, and Oversee Applications Across Multiple Clouds, On-Premises, and Edge Locations.

Microsoft AZURE: Your Partner in the Cloud

  Whether you’re just beginning in the cloud or have years of experience developing cloud-native applications, the Onward team is here to help get started with planning, architecting, and implementing the right Hosted Infrastructure as a Service solution for your business. You can solve many business IT challenges with the proven combinations of products and services form the Azure Cloud Platform, delivered by Onward.
      Transform your Technology Platform:
      Our cloud consultants help you achieve both your short and long-term goals with a framework for adopting cloud that aligns proven technical strategies with your business goals. Manage and Optimize IT Costs – Onward technologists provide the Azure tools, knowledge and guidance to help you cost-optimize your workloads, forecast your IT spend and control costs with cloud governance. Flexible pricing models allow optimal cost savings with dedicated, on-demand, and spike pricing. Using appropriate pricing models for production, flexible, development, and research workloads enables savings and predictability in operating expenses.
      Govern your Resources at Any Scale:
      Onward can help you quickly create and replicate policies for fully governed cloud subscriptions from Microsoft and fine tune role-based access controls. Automatically expand infrastructure based on demand, set cost-based or time-based limits for infrastructure usage, and manage consistency with virtual machine and service-based templates.
      Start Compliant, Stay Compliant:
      You must meet your regulatory, legal, insurance, and industry requirements with a fully comprehensive compliance portfolio. Onward has compliance and regulatory experts ready to help.
      Migrate your Server, Storage, or Entire Data Center with Confidence:

      Onward’s technicians and certified engineers have the tools and experience to migrate your servers, applications, databases and other workloads to Azure.

      MS Azure Products from Onward


      Azure Compute:

      Whether you have an existing Microsoft SLA or are interested in getting one, Onward’s experienced cloud team can help understand the availability guarantees for your virtual machines (VMs).

      Azure Storage:

      Achieve compliance requirements to backup and save data in multiple locations. Azure Storage offers endless list of storage options from Managed Disks, to Backup Vaults and Storage Files with varying levels of redundancy, performance, and flexible price points.

      Azure Files (Platform as a Service):

      If cost-by-consumption sounds like a model that might be good for your business, talk with one of our MS cloud experts about Azure Files. With managed file servers from Microsoft, you can create and publish Windows shares directly into Linux, MacOS and Windows devices either on on-prem or in the cloud VMs.

      Increase credibility and trust with clients through partnership with a top-tier Microsoft partner.

      • Access to a team of experts with advanced knowledge of Microsoft technologies;
      • Receive priority support and quick resolution of issues;
      • Gain access to exclusive tools, resources, and training from Microsoft;
      • Stay up-to-date with the latest Microsoft technology advancements and product releases.

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