Managed Services

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Network Operations Support

Whether you have Enterprise Wired, Wireless, Mobile or a combination - we’ve got your Networking needs covered. We work with several vendor partners to configure Software Defined Networks (SD-WAN) to replace legacy MPLS networks, outdated routers and firewalls. Our experts handle the sizing, selection, implementation, and maintenance phases. Looking for corporate/guest WiFi implementation and support? No problem. We work with Cisco, Ruckus, HPE/Aruba and other industry leaders tailored to your need.


Patch Management

Network infrastructure requires routine maintenance and patches, like all business technology. Onward manages patching for switches, firewalls, virtualization hardware, and other equipment for our clients to ensure they are always up to date. We work with flexible/overnight maintenance windows, and properly test patches and configuration backups before implementation. Looking for a Proactive Health check for your workstations to improve your level of protection? Look no further than Onward. All our Managed Services agreements include Patch/update management for workstations and servers. Gold and Silver agreements include firmware updates of the entire infrastructure (firewalls, switches, virtual hosts, etc.)

Our Helpdesk Support Clients Receive:

  • Detailed tracking and reporting capabilities. Armed with metrics, our support desk can identify application or system patterns and proactively address recurring issues.
  • Tiered support levels to fit your needs. Onward’s Managed IT Service Plans are flexible and modular so that you can get exactly the type services that your business needs at the right price-point – nothing more or less.
  • Our team of experts acts as your single point of contact. Even if your question is not 100% tech related, you can be assured that your service calls go to one source. If needed, your request can be escalated to outside vendors or appropriate departments.
  • Flexible service offerings and pricing. While the majority of our clients need 24X7 service, we understand that not all businesses have the same requirements. If a you need service desk capabilities only at night, on weekends, or during some other set of hours, we’re here to help. Our Services model is flexible.

Discover the Business Benefits:

  • A central point of contact for all IT issues and requests
  • A predictable cost model
  • Consistent call handling and documentation
  • Reduction in overstaffing
  • Increased staff productivity

Our helpdesk allows you to focus on running your business.