Onward leverages the latest and best-in-class managed virtualization tools while delivering exceptional services to customers.

Virtualization is one way to make more efficient use of expensive hardware and get more from your IT investment.

By virtualizing servers and resources, a single server can be subdivided into multiple separate functions. This provides flexibility and simplified management for always-on resources located in your office or data center.

Onward has worked with hundreds of firms to virtualize existing physical servers, upgrade existing virtual environments, and modernize hybrid physical/virtual workloads.

Our team of experts has experience working with small and medium-sized business infrastructure and has deep knowledge leveraging virtualization technologies to maximize server and storage investments.

We work with the latest solutions from VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft Hyper-V to increase efficiency on servers and storage, and leverage virtualization technologies.


Some of the primary benefits for mid-sized firms increasing use of virtualization include:


      Efficient use of Microsoft Server licensing:

      Separate services onto separate virtual servers and maximize Microsoft per-socket or data center licensing.


      Ease of management:

      Separate VMs for each service (domain controllers, file servers, application servers, SQL databases, etc.) allows management, patching, rebooting, and troubleshooting independently without disrupting other services.

      Efficient use of resources:

      Apply and reserve memory, compute, and storage for services needing performance, and provide elastic resources for non-essential or peak-usage services.

      High Availability:

      Make use of multiple physical servers to provide instant, automatic failover in case of a disaster or failure.


      Virtualized servers have fewer vulnerabilities by splitting access to the underlying hardware from the virtual operating system. Splitting the responsibility provides more security checkpoints and fewer opportunities for ransomware and hackers to infiltrate critical infrastructure.

      Desktop & Application Virtualization

      Onward supports all major providers of Virtual Desktops, including VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and AWS Workspaces. We can help you deploy, upgrade, and maintain these systems to power productivity and ease-of-use for your users. We can also review security and compliance for virtual desktop infrastructure to ensure your environment is functioning as effectively and securely as possible.


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