Document Management

Effortlessly organize and streamline your document management processes with our comprehensive document management services.

A Document Management System (DMS) is a dedicated file system where companies can store, manage, and secure all their corporate and client documents. An organized DMS is an essential business edge for any firm working with client documents or data to be managed securely.

Onward has worked with DMS for over 20 years and is certified to implement and support many of the most common solutions, including NetDocuments, iManage, DropBox, OneDrive, and more. We have unique expertise in transforming firms with messy document stores into organized, data-driven enterprises that lead their categories.

      Learn how Onward can help you improve your Document Management System.

      Categorize and Manage Files

      From law firms creating and storing client documents to property managers securing rental applications, document management systems are essential in a digital economy where speed and efficiency matter. Onward has unsurpassed experience working with firms to sort existing document stores, create efficient workflows, and implement customized solutions for unique document management needs. We have worked with large law firms, boutique accounting firms, and many others to identify document management solutions including:


      • efficient document search tools
      • document deduplication
      • seamless filing workflows
      Email Management
      Email systems like Microsoft Outlook present the greatest opportunity for improvement with Document Management engagements. Many firms invest heavily in DMS, only to lose versions and important edits in email attachments. Onward works with industry-leading solutions to help users categorize and file emails and attach documents for sending, right from Outlook. We meet users where they work and unlock their greatest productivity barriers.


      • File email with a single click, or by Outlook folders
      • Attach document copies or links instantly
      • Secure file sharing with clients and vendors
      • Manage versions and collaborations effectively
      Boost Productivity

      Managers know how much time their users would gain if they could quickly find documents and edits. Users spend hours looking for a document version, only to find the document is now out of sync with other edits and needs to be updated by hand. We leverage Document Management Systems like NetDocuments and iManage to solve this inefficiency by centralizing and streamlining the document filing and retrieval process visually, and with integrated workflows. Benefits:


      • Manage documents with familiar Microsoft 365 Business apps like Word and Excel
      • User-friendly, customizable interfaces are tailored to your needed fields and workflow
      • Cloud-based systems can be accessed anytime, anywhere
      • Secure caching allows offline edits to critical documents when you need them
      • Bulk document management tools for your power users to easily organize entire cabinets with a single click
      Build a Better Workflow

      Processes that are clear and easy to follow are critical for all modern firms. Onward implements solutions with simple workflows that can be tuned to any business need. You can enable your users to file emails to a central repository, create document types for easy organization, and deploy folder templates to encourage everyone in the firm to use. Organization and efficiency become everyone’s responsibility.


      • Enable your power users to tweak workflows
      • Find lost documents and correct filing errors in batches
      • Identify users who need help filing documents
      Reach Your Sustainability Goals

      A sustainable DMS allows firms to clear huge volumes of office space of old paper files and decrease paper use in the long term. By digitizing and organizing files in a document management system, firms can take their office space back and encourage responsible paper use. We can help you determine how much storage is needed to digitize any size paper repository, and many large-scale scanning products are compatible with our DMS partners.


      • Scan paper files directly into your DMS
      • Buy storage space in bulk for significant savings
      • Decrease office clutter and wasted space
      • Decrease paper user and help the environment
      • Increased security over paper documents


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