Device Support

Leverage Onward for prompt resolutions to your internal help desk tickets.

Regardless of your company size or industry regulatory requirements, Onward’s experts are available to help.

Onward provides high-quality, US-based device support for many trouble areas, including the following:

  • Workstation/Laptop/Mobile device support (supported platforms)
  • Workstation/Laptop/Mobile Operating System support (supported platforms)
  • Printing/Network Connectivity Support
  • Core Application Support (see Application Support)
  • Email Client Support (Outlook /Outlook on the Web/Mac Mail/Mobile email apps)
  • Microsoft Office Standard Suite
  • Software/application-related installation and troubleshooting
  • Printer-related problems such as mapping, drivers and connectivity
  • Incidents related to network connectivity
  • Microsoft Active Directory management: user creation, password resets, documentation, access control, terminations, and more
  • Antivirus & Antimalware definitions and software updates
  • Virus cleaning from servers and workstations
  • Server Diagnostics and Monitoring (with documentation and access)
  • Server Troubleshooting
  • Onsite or remote support available
  • Custom escalation procedures for each client with escalation approval process

We are available by phone, email, and web portal for troubleshooting, and onsite or remote support is available when needed.

Discover the Business Benefits

  • A central point of contact for all IT issues and requests
  • A predictable cost model
  • Consistent call handling and documentation
  • Reduction in overstaffing
  • Increased staff productivity

Our help desk allows you to focus on running your business.


There are many benefits to outsourcing your IT Help Desk. Here are just a few.

Increased Focus on Core Business:

By outsourcing your help desk, you can free up your time and resources to focus on core business activities.

Cost Reduction:
Outsourcing your help desk can be more cost-effective than hiring and training in-house staff.
Access to Expertise:
Outsourcing provides access to a pool of experts with diverse skills and experience, allowing you to benefit from their expertise.
24/7 Support:
Outsourcing your help desk can provide round-the-clock support, ensuring that your customers receive immediate assistance when they need it.
Improved Customer Satisfaction:
Outsourcing to a professional help desk service can improve customer satisfaction by providing timely and effective support.

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