Enterprise Data Governance

Ensure data integrity and compliance with our robust enterprise data governance solutions.

Over the past two decades, Onward has helped dozens of law firms and other businesses classify, organize, and manage data during its entire lifecycle from creation to destruction.

We are experts in helping firms determine what data they have, appropriate access policies, data retention strategies, and create easy and efficient workflows to manage data.

Document Management

We classify and organize large amounts of documents within existing document management systems, or migrate unstructured documents into a logical, useful system. Our strategists guide firms through a structured process to classify documents for easy sorting and assignment.


Onward works strategically with decision-makers to create workflows and policies that support productivity and organization every time data is touched, ensuring data and systems stay clean and organized permanently. Working with your document management team, we conduct data reviews and ensure firms are complying with access control, audit logging, and data destruction procedures. Onward can provide certification of these procedures for auditors, insurers, and regulators.


With our extensive expertise, we work with the following to ensure the best-recommended solution for your business need.

  • 9vendors, including Microsoft 365 Business document management tools
  • 9document management systems
  • 9data loss prevention systems
  • 9data destruction systems

Onward is certified to implement and support many major Document Management Systems including these and more:

Onward has the experience to analyze and improve existing systems, and help firms migrate to modern document management systems.


Policy Management

We also work strategically with decision-makers and managers to create workflows and policies that support productivity and organization every time data is touched. Our experts make sure data and systems stay clean and are organized permanently. Our consultants know that one policy doesn’t fit all firms. That’s why we take the time to understand your business and the needs of your specific environment.

Data Management

Onward works with many vendors including Microsoft 365 Business document management tools, document management systems, data loss prevention systems, and data destruction systems to ensure the best solution is recommended for your business need.



Learn how the right Managed Services partner can help transform your business.

Improved Efficiency:
IT consultants can identify areas where technology can streamline business processes, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.
Cost Savings:
IT consultants can help businesses reduce costs by identifying areas where technology can be leveraged to automate tasks, eliminate waste, and reduce downtime.
Enhanced Security:
IT consultants can help businesses protect their valuable data and systems by implementing security measures and protocols that reduce the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches.
Competitive Advantage:
IT consultants can help businesses stay ahead of the competition by identifying emerging technologies and trends that can give them a strategic advantage.
Expertise and Knowledge:
IT consultants bring specialized expertise and knowledge to the table that can help businesses make better decisions about technology investments and strategies.